A bit About Me

Hi, I am one of those people that society loves to hate, we go around and give you tickets when you have parked on a double yellow or a loading bay.

We get you cars toed if parked in a disabled area without a proper badge. Ofcourse I am a traffic enforcement officer. I work for one the the busiest airports in the UK. Manchester Airport, this airport is getting to be n the same power as Heathrow airport (where I used to work before relocating to Manchester).

Though Originally I am from my Newcastle and started my career off at Newcastle airport parking. I think I have a unique insight as I have worked in three very different airports, and I can talk about the services these airports offer.

However, before even doing that, people must be wondering why a traffic enforcement officer? In truth its not a career choice, I did not group thinking I was going to write traffics tickets for a living.

Nor did I think I was going to be verbally abused, physically attacked and even spat at on a regular occasions. The career choice becomes limited when you are poorly educated, and messed around in school thinking you will be fine. Then at 18 you find out that you are going to be a mum. My situation is not new and, like me many people faced with this have few choices, do we just walk and be like our fathers? Or do we Stand and work and provide for my child.

I have chosen to do the latter. I have chosen to do the latter. I hope you will enjoy my journey and I will try and post here as frequently as possible.